Weighing up the Ingredients of Behaviour Change [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve all been in the situation – we know that one or more of our behaviours are having a negative effect on our lives, but there just isn’t enough of a counter argument to warrant a change.  “Why not eat another bacon sandwich, I’m joining a gym next week”… or “just another cigarette, I’ve had a stressful day today”.

For change to occur the benefits, however tangible or intangible, must outweigh the factors of holding an individual on the same path.  This infographic aims to highlight and contextualize the factors which result in someone changing a behaviour.  This concept isn’t only applicable to major health decisions in a person’s life but the smaller behaviours which constitute how we all act.

Our values are almost immovable elements that can either benefit or impede out willingness to change, for positive or negative.  Often the comfort zone constructed by entrenched values bring make changing a behaviour very difficult: often they are the product of years of behaving in a certain way and that in itself engenders validity.


Weighing up the ingredients of behavioural change [INFOGRAPHIC]

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